Sharing some exciting personal news, a career update, plugging a new side project and offering up some recommendations for streaming + reading

November 2022

Boosting an important limited series and my thoughts on the fascinating way in which people can become invested in a narrative, becoming completely…

September 2022

Quick update after a busy summer

June 2022

Tech layoffs are picking up. I’ve experienced layoffs at three different companies: Life360, Breeze and Abstract. In this post I’ll share my layoff…

February 2022

Snow storms, stock prediction results, movies, books, Broadway, Louis C.K. and more

January 2022

Kicking off 2022 with a new home base in NYC and fresh career moves

October 2021

Why teams hire a PM in the first place and how the PM role evolves as the company grows and makes intentional decisions about its culture

September 2021

Hey there! And welcome to the new readers who subscribed recently 👋 Going Viral (Next Post) It’s been a couple months since my last post so I wanted to…

July 2021

Airport lounge thoughts over bubbles as I wait for my flight to France

June 2021

I was asked recently, "how do you influence people?" and my answer is pretty simple. In general, I've observed two main ways to influence people: (1…

May 2021

With limited PM capacity in a startup, it's not always clear how to view internal tools relative to customer-facing tools. Here's my take.

April 2021

I turned 31 this week after what will probably go down as the strangest year in modern history. When Carole threw me a surprise Zoom party last year for…